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Your IT hero

Your company needs a hero… contact Personal Tek for IT and business insights that positively impact your bottom-line. Our IT business consultants will guide and protect you, while providing effective strategies, solutions, and value to your company.

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Ready For IT Expertise That Impacts Your Bottom-Line?

Welcome to Personal Tek, a Michigan-based, IT consulting and business development company offering business intelligence to grow your bottom-line. Small-to-mid-size companies select Personal Tek’s IT services to reach their business goals and become more profitable.

Rarely, do small-to-mid-size companies have access to high-level IT business consulting services and trusted experts that join them at the management table. Personal Tek truly understands IT, business, and how to develop business strategies that create a strong IT infrastructure. We assess and advise on how best to integrate  your business systems and processes for information sharing and intelligent decision-making. We protect your company through business security.

Learn about Personal Tek’s founder/owner and industry visionary Eric Connelly, the company and how it differentiates, and our fixed, firm pricing and guarantee. Further, learn how to function like a large business through our partner program in which we integrate your IT, phone, email, software, website, marketing, and social media needs.

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